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Daniela(or Dany), 18, and obsessed with hockey

Living a Vancouver Canucks , Alex Edler, David Booth, and goalie folksmen appreciation life, with a side of Chicago Blackhawks.

Favorite players - Alex Edler, Roberto Luongo, Cory Schneider, Kevin Bieksa, David Booth, Chris Higgins, Jarome Iginla, Tim Thomas(judge me), Joffrey Lupul, Carey Price, Sidney Crosby, Miikka Kiprusoff, Patrick Kane, Jonathan Towes, Claude Giroux, and I might have a soft spot for all the NHL goalies..

Ballard, Kesler, Hodgson, Hamhius, Salo, Hansen, Kassian, Pahlsson, Graniani, the Sedins and the rest of the Canucks are also bros.

Ignore all the milkhotdogs and always windaturd!

Luc Bourdon, Pavel Demitra and Rick Rypien may you all R.I.P. Forever Hearts of a Canuck

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